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Disco by Discovery Document Technologies is and all inclusive flat-fee eDiscovery software with a relentless focus on speed and ease of use. It is a feature-complete platform for the processing, review, analysis, and production steps of the EDRM.

Our flat rate model provides huge cost savings and is ushering the new age of predictable pricing for any budget. With New technology comes More Savings.

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Our Services

Combining the latest technology with highly trained and experienced employees, we continue to strive to provide our clients with the most accurate and professional document services available-and at very reasonable rates.

Discovery’s single solution begins with forming an onsite partnership with the law firm, enabling all of Discovery’s services to be integrated from the inception of the client matter. This early relationship allows Discovery to assist the law firm in controlling unexpected costs, identifying problematic areas and taking the necessary precautions in the early stages of litigation. Discovery’s ability to assist law firms in all of their litigation services, IT and firm administration needs is unique to the industry. Discovery offers continuing legal education seminars (CLE), consulting services regarding discovery management, law firm IT infrastructure, and much more.


As a single solution vendor for its clients, Discovery offers a wide range of services in three main categories:

Within those categories, Discovery is able to offer all of the necessary services to provide the Single Solution option. Those services include, but are not limited to: Case Evaluation & Consulting; Data Collection & Forensic Analysis; Online Hosting & Review; Litigation-High Volume Scanning, Copying & Printing; On-Site Scanning & Duplication; Digital Exhibit Boards & Banners; and much more.

Discovery's services are positioned to assist it's clients to work more efficiently and effectively in collecting, reviewing, and producing documents and data in compliance with guiding rules and regulations in the Federal, State, and local courts. With our location handling the majority of the day-to-day transactional projects, and our partnerships managing the more complex or technologically advanced services, we aim to provide any of the services needed by the legal community in managing document outsourcing.